Lifesystems Tick Remover Card

Lifesystems Tick Remover Card

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Brand: Lifesystems
Code: 5555734020
Weight: 30g (includes packaging)


If you have a tick, you will need to remove it promptly and remove all parts of its body. A credit card sized tick remover which will fit in your wallet. Features a magnifying lens and two different sized removal tools for different sized ticks


Slip the notch of the Tick Remover Card under the tick.

NOTE: For smaller ticks or ticks that are not yet fully engorged, use the smaller notch in the Tick Remover Card.

Slowly push the card forwards and upwards with gentle and even pressure.

NOTE: Do not apply excessive force as this may stress the tick.

Allow the tick to let go and lift away from the skin with ease.

NOTE: It is advisable to disenfect the bite area after removal. Wash your hands and the tick card with hot soapy water.


Remove ticks as soon as possible. Follow instructions carefully to ensure safe removal. Do not squeeze, stress or burn a tick. Do not use petroleum jelly, oil or any other chemical products to remove ticks. Never pull or twist a tick as it may break off, leaving some body parts in the skin. Avoid touching or squashing removed ticks. Dispose of ticks safely.


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