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Lil-Lets Regular Tampons Pack of 16

£2.19 Save: £0.20 RRP: £2.39

Brand: Lil-lets
Code: 0574582
Weight: 43g (includes packaging)

Lil-Lets Regular Tampons Pack of 16


Get comfortable protection when your flow is light to medium with Lil-lets Regular Non-Applicator Tampons.

Discreet to use and carry around, Lil-lets Regular Non-Applicator Tampons have a strong core and rounded tip which make them easy to insert. As they don’t have an applicator there is also less to dispose of. Lil-lets Regular Non-Applicator Tampons are cushioned on the outside for comfort and expand widthways for better protection, total comfort and total confidence.
- Great looking packs for your bathroom
- Lil-lets are discreet to use and carry around
- The soft cover and rounded tip means they're easy to insert
- Because there's no applicator, there's less to dispose of

Lil-lets is the only brand in the UK to offer women something for all of their feminine hygiene needs. Within the Lil-lets range you’ll find tampons that offer you their most comfortable protection. Both the non-applicator and applicator tampons expand widthways, for total comfort and confidence and they each come in a wide range of absorbencies.


Always use the lowest absorbency for your flow. 

Change your tampon every 4 to 8 hours or more often if needed. 

Always remember to remove your last tampon.


Tampons are associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).

This is a rare but serious illness that may be fatal.

Please read and save the leaflet enclosed in this pack.



There are no ingredients listed for this product.

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