Nexcare Steri Strips Pack of 8

Nexcare Steri Strips Pack of 8

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Nexcare range provide superior protection for everyday cuts and scrapes.

* Effective for closing deeper wounds and reducing scarring.

* Contains 5 x 3mm x 75mm and 3 x 6mm x 75mm sized strips

These Steri-Strip skin closures are highly effective for closing deeper wounds and reducing scarring.

Use them to close the edges of cuts, reduce bleeding and prevent cuts from reopening.


Application Instructions:

Clean and dry area for at least 5 cm around the cut ensuring that all dirt has been removed, Peel open plastic sleeve, remove card, break on perforated line and tear off card tab. To prevent curling, the strips should be removed at a 45° angle to the card. At the centre-point of the wound apply one halt of the first closure and press firmly into place. Draw together skin edges exactly using fingers or tweezers Press tree half of the closure firmly into place, taking care not to apply under any tension, Complete wound closure with additional strips spaced approximately 2-3 mm apart to allow for drainage. If the skin has pulled apart under the first strip due to initial stress remove this strip and draw together the wound edges with a fresh strip, To remove Steri-Strip first aid skin closures apply light pressure at the centre of the strip, then alternately peel back each end toward the cut site, and gently remove the whole strip.


Do not use if envelope is damaged or open.

Steri-Strip™ skin closures are not an alternative to stitches. If the wound is deep and bleeding continuously, seek medical assistance immediately.


There are no ingredients listed for this product.

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