Safe & Sound Latex Finger Cots Pack of 12

Safe & Sound Latex Finger Cots Pack of 12

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Safe and Sound Health’s Latex Finger Cots help keep finger cuts, grazes and abrasions clean, dry and protected. Made from high-quality natural latex, our finger cots help secure finger dressings and bandages, while also preventing moisture from reaching the wound.  

Our latex finger cots come in assorted sizes, perfect for use across the hand and over finger bandages. Before using ensure the finger cot is a comfortable fit and doesn’t restrict blood circulation to the finger or hand. Carefully roll the latex cot over the injured finger.

  • Twelve assorted size latex finger cots per pack
  • Keeps finger dressing and bandages dry
  • Made from high-quality natural latex

Before treating any open wound, ensure you have thoroughly washed your hands with soap and water, or antibacterial hand gel.

Place the finger cot over the tip of the finger.

Gently roll the cot down the finger, covering and protecting the injury or bandages.

Change the finger cot when required.

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