Silver Slimming Tablets Pack of 28 (1 Week Supply)

Silver Slimming Tablets Pack of 28 (1 Week Supply)

Silver Slimming Tablets Pack of 28 (1 Week Supply)

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Brand: Silver
Code: 3774189
Weight: 150g


How do I know if Silver Slimming Tablets are working? 

Your body will gain energy from the stored fats that are burnt off your body. You will also benefit from the added vitamins in the product that will allow you to continue with your everyday lifestyle that you could struggle to do when solely working on varied diets.


Take 2 Silver Slimming Tablets at 10am and 2 more at 3pm. 

Continue to eat healthily and sensibly. 

Drink plenty of water, approximately 10 glasses a day. Reduce your intake of caffeine, tea, soft drinks, alcohol, sugar and junk food. Reduce your intake to a maintenance level once your desired weight is reached. 

To get the best results, reduce your coffee and tea intake and drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. 




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