&Sisters Eco-Applicator Tampons Mixed Pack of 6

&Sisters Eco-Applicator Tampons Mixed Pack of 6


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Contains 1 x very light, 3 x light and 2 x medium

Made from 100% organic cotton, a plastic-free biodegradable cardboard applicator and individually wrapped in 100% recyclable paper. Unlike mainstream applicator tampons, our ultra-reliable tampons are crafted from sustainably sourced cotton without using harmful chemicals. Uniquely woven with our Contour Fit ™ design to offer you all-round expansion, maximum absorbency & leak-free protection.

Flow: Very Light (1 droplets)
Absorbency: less than 6g 
Length: 20 x 110mm

Flow: light (2 droplets)
Absorbency: 6-9g
Length: 22 x 118mm

Flow: Medium (3 droplets)
Absorbency: 9-12g 
Length: 24 x 122mm

Better for your Body:

  • 100% certified organic cotton core and thread
  • Protective veil prevents fibre shedding inside the body 
  • Made without synthetics, chlorine bleach, dyes or perfumes.
  • Hypoallergenic: pH neutral for sensitive skin

Better for our Planet:

  • Ethically sourced cotton, grown without chemical fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides
  • Biodegradable cotton core, plastic-free applicator and 100% recyclable paper wrapper
  • Certified organic by Soil Association Certification (DK14305) according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) 

Better for our sisters:

We believe periods shouldn’t hold anyone back so 10% of our profits go to initiatives to #endperiodpoverty and empower those who bleed across the globe.

Periods are personal and it’s totally normal for your flow to fluctuate throughout your cycle.

&SISTERS Eco-Applicator Tampons are also available for very light and heavy flow.

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