TENA Discreet Extra Plus Duo Pack of 8 (16)

TENA Discreet Extra Plus Duo Pack of 8 (16)

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When experiencing medium to heavy, unexpected urine leaks, TENA Discreet Extra Plus incontinence pad offers maximum security. The instaDRY™ zone instantly absorbs liquid and the super absorbent core locks leaks deep inside the pad, away from the skin. The specially shaped design and soft edges make them comfortable. With Triple Protection from leaks, odour and moisture TENA Discreet Extra Plus is the ultimate everyday choice for any women with medium to heavy bladder weakness, for those urine leaks that can be so unpredictable. Feel secure whatever comes your way with instant absorption and comfortable fit.

  • Dry, Secure & Odour Control
  • Discreet and Secure. Protects like TENA
  • Instant absorbtion with instaDRY™ zone

Use as required.


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