TENA Lady Extra Plus Duo Pack of 8 (16)

TENA Lady Extra Plus Duo Pack of 8 (16)

£4.29 Save: £1.20 RRP: £5.49

Brand: Tena
Code: 3791423
Weight: 500g (includes packaging)



Tena Lady are designed for women experiencing light to moderate bladder weakness.  They have a Dry Fast Core and the unique Fresh Odour Control which neutralises and eliminates odours.

They are individually wrapped for convenience and hygiene which makes them ideal for transporting discreetly in a handbag or purse.

Tena Lady Extra Plus is like Tena Lady extra and are perfect for moderate bladder weakness.  Providing the ultimate feeling of protection, these comfortable pads offer fast and efficient absorbency, with extra length for added security.



Use as required.


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