TLC Baby Eye Care Wipes Pack of 20

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Brand: TLC
Code: 3731411
Weight: 116g (includes packaging)

TLC Baby Eye Care Wipes Pack of 20


TLC's hypoallergenic, preservative free eye wipes are specially formulated to safely and effectively cleanse your baby's delicate eye area. These non-irritating wipes are ideal for removing crusted matter, ocular secretions and residue. Contains camomile to soothe puffy, tired or inflamed eyes. TLC Eye Care Wipes are individually wrapped, great for on the go.

The eye area is one of the most sensitive and delicate areas in our body and can be easily infected or damaged. Children are especially prone to eye complaints. Products that come into contact with eyes that contain preservatives may cause infections and irritations. TLC Baby Eye Care Wipes are opthalmologically and dermatologically tested to protect your baby’s eyes. These sterilized cloth wipes can be used instead of drops when eyes are infected or inflamed.

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