Vivid E-Liquid Capsule Starter Kit

Vivid E-Liquid Capsule Starter Kit

Vivid E-Liquid Capsule Starter Kit

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Brand: Vivid
Code: 3990603
Weight: 145g


The Vivid E-liquid Capsule Starter Kit contains everything you need to start vaping, including:

  • One 650mAh battery
  • One High-Powered Atomiser with enhanced coil
  • One USB charging cable
  • Three high strength 2.5ml e-liquid capsules in Classic Tobacco, Menthol Breeze and Berry Blast flavours

The Vivid E-liquid Capsule Vaping System uses the most innovative technology available in the e-cigarette industry. With an easy-to-use design allowing for rapid assembly and eliminating accidental spillage; and a high powered heating element that produces a quality vapour, this really is the must have e-cigarette.


1. Screw the Atomiser onto the battery in a clockwise direction.

2. Push the E-liquid capsule onto the Atomiser and turn 90o clockwise to lock it in position. To remove the capsule rotate 90o anti-clockwise and pull off.

3. When using every new atomiser gently shake the e-cigarette for 10 seconds to allow the liquid in the capsule to seep into the atomiser. Failure to do this will lead to poor vapour production and a bitter initial taste. PLEASE NOTE: The atomiser will need replacing periodically. It is recommended that you use a new atomiser every month.

4. Turn on your Vivid E-Cigarette by pressing the button 5 times within 2 seconds. Press it 5 times within 2 seconds to turn it off.

5. To use the device inhale on the capsule whilst pressing the power button. If you use it continuously for 10 seconds it will automatically switch off.


Water, Propylene Glycol, Flavouring and Nicotine (18mg/ml).