We Protect Immune Health Selenium ACE&D Tablets Pack of 90

We Protect Immune Health Selenium ACE&D Tablets Pack of 90

We Protect Immune Health Selenium ACE&D Tablets Pack of 90


Selenium-ACE is an antioxidant product containing the essential trace mineral selenium with vitamins A, C and E. This product is an effective combination of nutrients to help maintain a healthy immune system. Antioxidants neutralise harmful substances in the body called free radicals, which have the potential to damage cells and to interrupt many body processes. (One-a-day tablets.)

Selenium-ACE contains selenium yeast, which is the natural source found in food.

It allows for supplementation with other products containing selenium without exceeding the recommended upper safe level.

It is reported the average person in the UK is not getting enough selenium due to low levels in our food. A good way of increasing selenium intake is by daily supplementation.

Like selenium, the vitamins A, C, and E are required for good health and are also antioxidants.

What is selenium?

Selenium is an essential trace mineral that plays an important role in human nutrition. It was not until 1973 that the importance of selenium in a nutritional role was ascertained. Human studies around the world continue to show the key role that it plays in maintaining long-term health. 

Selenium can only be obtained through dietary intake. A healthy diet should form the basis of good nutrition. However leading a busy life often makes eating regular, nutritionally balanced meals difficult. Selenium can be obtained from whole-wheat cereals, kidney, liver, shellfish, Brazil nuts and oily fish. 

Over the past few years an increasing number of the population have begun to obtain selenium from a nutritional supplement. 

Recent reports have revealed that selenium levels in the average person in the UK are only marginally adequate. This is largely because of a reduction in the amount of selenium we get from our food. This is mainly due to a decrease in the use of North American wheat (which is high in selenium) for bread making. As a result, in the UK, the daily intake of selenium from the food we eat has declined from 60-63 mg per day in the 1970s and 1980s to 29-39 mg per day now. 

Selenium is one of a group of nutrients referred to as an antioxidant. This is because it helps protect cells and tissues from damage by oxidants, especially free radicals. Free radicals are volatile, potentially toxic substances produced when we breathe and through exposure to sunlight, radiation, exhaust fumes, tobacco smoke and other pollutants.

Antioxidant nutrients are able to quench free radicals before they can damage cells or tissues. The more free radicals present, the greater the need for antioxidant nutrients in our diet. 

Like selenium, vitamins A, C, and E are required for good health and are also antioxidants. 

What is important about the organic selenium yeast in Wassen Selenium-ACE?Selenomethionine is the major component of selenium yeast. It is the natural source found in most foods. Yeast converts inorganic selenium mainly into selenomethionine using the same pathway as foods such as cereals. Inorganic forms of selenium are not natural substances in any food. The selenium that we consume from food sources is mainly the organic form. 

A large number of successful human studies have been conducted using supplemental selenium yeast or higher levels of selenium intake from the diet. Long-term studies have also shown this form of selenium to be safe within the parameters of upper intake levels. 

Who would take Selenium-ACE.Every adult in the UK in view of the fact that selenium soil levels in most parts of this country are low.

In particular:

  • Those who wish to maintain a healthy immune system.
  • Older people, especially those who wish to maintain healthy joints.
  • Sports people, as higher energy requirements may increase the need for antioxidant protection.
  • Those who wish to maintain the health of their skin.


One tablet to be swallowed, with liquid if required, first thing every morning or last thing at night. A regular intake is recommended.

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