A Guide to Imodium Products

A Guide to Imodium Products

Published: 7th September, 2017 in: Conditions

Imodium is used to provide quick and effective relief from diarrhea, a condition that can be a cause for discomfort and embarrassment. It can be triggered by a number of things including a virus or consuming food that contains bacteria. With so many different Imodium products on the market, we’ve put together a helpful guide to choosing the best product for you. Read on to discover the complete Imodium collection.

Imodium Classic

The Imodium Classic formula calms the digestive system and restores the natural balance to bring you fast relief from diarrhea symptoms. The classic formula comes in a capsule form and treats diarrhea effectively in one dose.

Imodium Original

The Imodium original formula has provided effective relief of diarrhea with a single dose for over 40 years. The capsule formula is simple and convenient and ideal for on the go treatment of diarrhea.

Imodium Instants

Perhaps the most convenient and discreet Imodium formula, these tablets dissolve on the tongue to treat diarrhea symptoms quickly and effectively. This innovative formula doesn’t need to be taken with water making it even easier to take on the move.

Imodium Instant Melts

Imodium Instant Melts is a fast-acting treatment to cure an overactive bowel. These tablets melt on the tongue and treat acute diarrhea within the hour.

Imodium Plus Comfort

Diarrhea often brings with it painful symptoms such as bloating, wind and cramps. Imodium Plus Comfort not only stops diarrhea in its tracks but it also soothes painful stomach cramps and bloating due to the active ingredient Simeticone. This treatment comes in an easy to swallow tablet formula.

Imodium IBS Relief

If you experience diarrhea as a result of IBS, there is an Imodium formula designed especially for you. This calming formula soothes the stomach and provides relief within an hour.

Here at Weldricks, we are proud to stock an extensive range of Imodium products including Imodium Plus Comfort, Imodium Classic, Imodium Instant Melts, Imodium IBS Relief and Imodium Original. With speedy delivery, it has never been simpler to put a stop to diarrhea.