Guide to Weight Loss Capsules and Products

Guide to Weight Loss Capsules and Products

Published: 3rd March, 2021 in: Weight Loss

Weight loss and getting healthy is often at the forefront of people’s minds just after the new year. A common resolution, but one that is notoriously difficult to achieve. In a bid to lose weight, many people choose to follow new diets and exercise regimes. Most diets are highly restrictive in terms of what foods can be eaten and can therefore lead to failure, and even cause issues to your health, as this level of restriction is difficult to sustain for your body. 

Not losing weight fast enough is also a common cause of failure. If changes cannot be seen quickly, people can lose motivation and go back to their old, unhealthy habits. But there are ways to lose weight healthily, helping to ensure you lose weight and keep it off. Check out our weight loss tips to find out how you can lose those annoying few pounds!

For people who have a larger amount of weight to lose, there are options to help support your weight loss and diet plan, such as weight loss capsules and products

Weight Loss Capsules and Slimming Pills: What Are They?

Commonly referred to as slimming pills or slimming tablets, weight loss capsules and related products actually come in many different forms. They are designed to help aid weight loss when combined with a healthy lifestyle and a balanced, low-fat and reduced calorie diet, so that people are able to reach a healthy weight.

Weight loss and maintenance products come in the form of pills, tablets, protein shakes, low calorie meals, and more. They should only ever be used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and should not be relied upon to lose weight alone. They are simply a way to help boost natural weight loss and cannot replace a healthy diet and frequent exercise.

Weight loss and maintenance products are also not suitable for use for everyone. It is important to read the box, leaflet and product information before use. This is because most weight-related products have strict BMI or weight requirements for the user. This means that only people with a certain BMI or weight and age should be using the product as it can be dangerous or ineffective for other people.

How Do Weight Loss Capsules Work?

The way in which weight loss capsules or ‘slimming pills’ work will differ depending on the product. Whilst some products attempt to stop fat from foods being absorbed by the body, others use natural remedies thought to speed up the bodies’ metabolism. For example, Alli weight loss capsules work by blocking dietary fat from being absorbed by the body. Orlos Weight Loss Capsules work in a similar way. Adios Max tablets, on the other hand, contain fucus dry extract. This is designed to speed up your body's metabolism in order to aid with slimming.

What is meant by a ‘Weight Loss Shake’?

‘Weight loss shake’ is a term used to generally refer to high protein milk shakes. They do not tend to work this way and tend not to actually help with slimming or weight loss itself, instead they are used as a low-calorie meal replacement to help people to reduce their daily calorie intake throughout the day which, in turn, helps someone lose weight. The Slim Fast Shakes are high protein shakes that are usually 230 calories per serving (depending on the flavour) and are recommended to be used as a meal replacement for 2 of your 3 meals a day. You should still have 1 balanced meal a day of 600 calories for women, or 800 calories for men, and 3 healthy snacks of 95 calories, as well as these high protein shakes. This helps the overall daily calorie intake to be reduced, allowing a calorie deficit to be created (the point at which your body burns more calories than you have taken in). This results in weight loss.

How Do Weight Loss and Maintenance Products Help?

Weight loss and maintenance products can not only aid with weight loss, they may also have some other benefits when used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle. As you begin to create good habits in terms of diet and exercise, you will have more energy. Not only can feeling alert help you to make healthy choices throughout the day, it can encourage you to move more, increasing your calorie output helping to promote further natural weight loss.

In addition to this, they can help to increase your motivation by giving you the boost you needed because you are researching the right products and weight loss methods for you. It may make you more aware of what you eat and drink, your calorie intake and daily exercise leading to a healthier physical and mental wellbeing. 

Factors Affecting the Success of Weight Loss Capsules and Slimming Pills 

Weight loss products aren’t magic and shouldn’t ever be relied upon. If you continue to eat unhealthily and avoid exercise, it is likely that weight loss capsules and slimming pills will have very little effect on your overall weight. You may even find that you gain weight, especially if you have added meal replacement shakes into your diet, on top of your normal eating habits. 

Another major factor is your current weight and BMI. Every Weight loss capsule or product states who the product is suitable for. If you do not meet these requirements then the product will not be helpful for your weight loss and management journey. It could even cause you other side effects that affect your wellbeing negatively, therefore you should not use these weight loss and management products if you do not meet their requirements. Instead, you can speak to your GP for support on losing weight and can even ask about a referral to a nutritionist. The NHS weight loss plan may also be more suitable for you instead.

How can you ensure that your products, such as Alli capsules, work more effectively:

Diet - Diet is probably the most important factor in weight loss. If your body is not in a calorie deficit then you will not lose weight. To aid weight loss supplements, you should eat a balanced and healthy diet. Ensuring that you have good nutrition can also help reduce your urge to snack or make unhealthy choices throughout the day. This is because eating lots of sugar or heavily processed foods can cause your blood sugar to spike leaving you craving more and/or feeling hungry more quickly. A balanced diet can help to reduce these cravings, allowing you to feel full for longer.

Exercise - Exercise is also key in reaching your weight loss goals. Not only does exercise help to keep your body healthy, improving cardiovascular function and lowering your risk of conditions such as heart disease, it also burns calories. This is essential if you are trying to create a calorie deficit. The NHS recommends that you should aim to do at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity a week or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity activity a week’ and should attempt to be active in some form every day.

Daily Activity - Building on the advice of the NHS to ensure you are active in some form every day, increasing your daily activity levels can help your body to burn more calories. When we talk about daily activity, we mean any form of body movement that is not considered exercise. Many people sit down all day for work, trying to stand for longer periods of time, or walking instead of using transport can help you to reach your weight loss goals more quickly. You may want to buy a step counter or use a step-tracking app on your phone to ensure you are meeting the recommended 10,000 steps per day.

Sleep - Sleep is often overlooked in weight loss. NHS research states that those who get less than 7 hours of sleep per night are 30% more likely to be obese. ‘This is believed to be because sleep-deprived people have lower levels of leptin (the chemical that makes you feel full) and more ghrelin (the hunger-stimulating hormone).’

Mindset - Your mindset could be the difference between success and failure in reaching your weight loss goals. If you believe that you can do it and are motivated to do so, you are more likely to achieve them. If you have a negative attitude towards weight loss, exercise and food then you are likely to slip back into bad habits.

How Often Should Weight Loss Capsules Be Taken?

The frequency at which weight loss capsules should be taken will vary by product. You should always read and follow the recommended dosage instructions on the packaging. 

Most slimming products or weight loss capsules have specific instructions on how and when they should be taken/used. Many of these products may also require you to take certain vitamins alongside them. Weight loss products are also not designed for long-term use and should not be used for longer than the packaging states. Therefore, it is important for you to read the leaflet and box that comes with the products to use them safely and effectively.

Choosing a Weight Management Product

Choosing whether weight-related products are right for you can be difficult. If you are unsure on which the best option is for you, speak to your GP or pharmacist first. They will be able to recommend safe and healthy options to help you to achieve your weight loss goal. You should also read the ingredients, side effects and dosage instructions of any weight loss products before taking them. 

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For more information on healthy weight loss, speak to your GP or visit our pharmacies.