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What is Pharmacy First?

The new Pharmacy First service is now available at your local Weldricks Pharmacy, where our highly trained and skilled Pharmacists will be able to assess, prescribe and offer treatment for 7 common conditions, without the need for a doctors appointment (prescription charges may apply).

We can treat

Sinus problems

Sinus problems (12+ years)

Our trained pharmacist will ask you a few questions about your infection and the symptoms you have. They will also check for any other conditions or symptoms that may need them to refer you to another NHS service for further checks.

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Earache (1 - 17 years)

Earache is a common condition with many causes. Our trained pharmacist may perform an examination with an otoscope (a device to look into the ear) and check for any other signs that the pain might not be caused by an infection.

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Sore throats (5+ years)

Sore throat is a painful swelling at the back of the mouth. It is a common condition that clears up on its own after about 2 to 3 weeks. Our expert pharmacy teams will assess and can supply treatments for your sore throat in adults and children over 5 years old.

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Infected insect bites (1+ years)

Insect bites and reactions around the area of the bite or sting are common, sometimes however a bite or sting can become infected. Our pharmacy team will also give you other advice and suggest other treatments for the relief of symptoms.

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Sinus problems

Impetigo (1+ years)

Impetigo usually starts with red sores and blisters with a thin covering that quite often burst open, this often leads to a crusty yellow or golden brown patch on the skin that often looks quite wet and sore.

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Sinus problems

Shingles (18+ years)

Shingles appears as blotches, most often on the chest and body, but sometimes on your face hands and genitals. It appears on one side of your body only. If a rash appears across both sides it is unlikely to be shingles.

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Sinus problems

Woman's UTI (16 - 64 years)

Urinary Tract infections (UTI) are an infection that affects the urethra (the tube from the outside of your body that carries wee from your bladder), your bladder (the sack that holds your wee) and sometimes your kidneys.

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Self Certification Sickness Note

Weldricks, in partnership with ZoomDoc, can now offer self-certification sick notes.

If you have been sick, unwell or if you have a health condition that has affected your ability to work, you can self-certify within the first 7 days of illness.

The same-day self-certification medical certificate will explain your illness and symptoms, whether your condition is ongoing or resolved and confirm both the first and last dates of your self-certification.

  1. No appointment needed
  2. Simply apply online
  3. QR code confirmation
  4. Same-day letter 9am - 9pm
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