Cestem Worming Tablets for Large Dogs Pack of 2


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Cestem® tablets are liver flavoured and therefore readily accepted by most dogs, either mixed in the food or given as a tasty treat.

Worms live in your dog’s intestines by attaching themselves to the gut wall and feeding on digested food or blood. There are many different types of worm that can infect your dog, including:

Roundworms: These are thought to infect around 10% of adult dogs at any one time. Dogs can pick up roundworm eggs from the faeces of infected dogs or foxes. In addition, puppies can become infected during pregnancy or through their mother’s milk.

Tapeworms: Tapeworms have the appearance of a segmented, flattened ribbon and, in infected dogs, segments may be seen passing out into the faeces. Dogs can become infected by eating inadequately cooked meat or by accidentally ingesting infected fleas.

Hookworms: Although small, hookworms have a large mouth containing teeth or ‘cutting plates’ which they use to slash the intestinal mucosa and feed off blood. Heavy infestations can cause diarrhoea and, in some cases, anaemia.

Whipworms: These attach themselves to the large intestine and heavy infestations may cause bloody diarrhoea. Dogs become infected by ingesting whipworm eggs, which can survive in the environment for long periods.


Cestem is to be given orally and contains flavouring to aid palatability. Follow the directions given by your veterinarian.

Cestem Large Dogs:

Body weight (kg) Tablet quantity
17.5 ½
>17.5 - 35 1
>35 - 52.5 1 ½
>52.5 - 70 2



Do not use in cases of hypersensitivity to the active substances or to any of the excipients.

This product is not recommended for use in puppies of less than 3kg of bodyweight.

Do not use in pregnant bitches during the first 4 weeks of pregnancy.

The product may be used during lactation.

Do not use simultaneously with Piperazine.

Plasma concentrations of Praziquantel may be decreased by concomitant administration with drugs that increase the activity of Cytochrome P-450 enzymes (e.g. Dexamethasone, Phenobarbital).

In very rare cases (less than 1 in 10,000) vomiting can occur. If you notice any adverse effects, please inform your veterinary surgeon.

Concurrent use with other cholinergic compounds can lead to toxicity.


525mg Febantel, 175mg Pyrantel (as embonate) and 175mg Praziquantel per tablet.

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