Gillette Sensor Excel Razor Blades Pack of 5

Gillette Sensor Excel Razor Blades Pack of 5

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  • The closest, most comfortable twin-blade shave
  • A series of soft, flexible microfins positioned in front of the blades protect your skin
  • Microfins also gently lift your beard for a closer shave with incredible comfort
  • Self-adjusting twin blades automatically adjust to every curve of your face
  • Cartridges fit Sensor and SensorExcel razors


Gillette Sensor Excel Refill Cartridges have protective microfins and self-adjusting blades to give you the closest and most comfortable twin blade shave available. These comfort blades are specially designed to prevent skin irritation by giving you a more comfortable shave, and act with a smooth and gentle feel on your skin. The comfort edges also allow for cleaner and closer shaving, providing greater razor glide and softer skin without causing irritation. The spring-mounted twin blades adjust to the contours of your face, so you can shave confidently without suffering from nicks and cuts. Gillette Sensor provides double the comfort of traditional razor blades, helping you tackle those previously hard to reach shaving areas like sideburns and under the nose. With a Lubrastrip with built in aloe, your skin will feel moisturised with every stroke, leaving you with softer, visibly smooth skin. The flexigrip handle gives you maximum control and handling whilst shaving. With five blade cartridges with extra comfort, you can experience the most comfortable shave on numerous occasions, prolonging the life of your Sensor razor and leaving you refreshed and ready for the day ahead


Follow the insertion instructions as detailed on the packaging.


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