Optixcare Eye Clean Wipes Pack of 50

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Brand: Optixcare
Code: 5550119017
Weight: 100g (includes packaging)

Optixcare Eye Clean Wipes Pack of 50


Optixcare Eye Clean Wipes are made to remove stains or debris from around the eyes of your dog, cat, or horse. This pack contains 50 soft wipes giving you a safe, gentle, and soothing way to clean the eye surroundings. 


To remove light staining and accumulations of debris or secretions around your pet’s eyes. The wipes are soft and moistened with Optixcare® Eye Cleaning Solution.

If staining is more chronic we recommend using the Optixcare® Eye Cleaning Solution to fully wet the hairand then remove the softened stain/debris with a wipe. Does not contain any boric acid, peroxide, bleach, or antibiotics.


Any signs of irritation stop using and contact your veterinarian


Sterile water, PEG 80, polysorbate 80, hyaluron, sodium citrate, disodium EDTA, sodium chloride, sodium perborate, chamomilla recuitita.

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