Optixcare Eye Cleaner 100ml

Optixcare Eye Cleaner 100ml


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Optix eye cleaner is a solution formulated to clean the eye area of your dog, cat, or horse, to remove any debris or marks that may occur. Optixcare Eye Cleaner is a safe, gentle and soothing sterile solution to clean eyes and eye surroundings. It soothes irritated eyes and may help in reducing or removing tear staining.


Flush Optixcare® Eye Cleaner directly onto the affected area or apply with an Optixcare® Eye Cleaning wipe or lint free pad.  Massage solution into the area and wipe away excess matter. 

For tear staining, apply twice daily for 2 weeks & then as often as needed to maintain. 


Stop using if any signs of irritation appear and contact your veterinarian.


Optixcare® Eye Cleaner contains chamomile & hyaluron to gently clean, soothe and hydrate the eye and eye surroundings

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