Vicks Vapo Spray 100ml

Vicks Vapo Spray 100ml

Vicks Vapo Spray 100ml

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Brand: Vicks
Code: 3865458
Weight: 160g (includes packaging)


Reduces swelling: thanks to osmosis caused by the higher concentration of salt of the hypertonic solution than the body’s plasma.

Flushes out mucus: via the mechanical action of the vaporization and the dilution of the mucus with the secretions of the nasal mucosa and the saline solution.

Increase mucociliary action: because the mucus is less viscous, the cilia can beat more effectively.


Adults and children aged 6 years and over:

Briefly press the nozzle before first use to prime the applicator.

Tilt your head on the side and carefully place the end of the nozzle in front of the nose.

Exert a short pressure on the nozzle (1-2 seconds).

Repeat process in the other nostril.

After each use, clean the nozzle with hot water.


Keep out of reach of children.

Use only as directed.


Filtered sea water 80% (w/w), Purified water 20% (w/w).

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