The Best Nasal Sprays for Allergies

The Best Nasal Sprays for Allergies

Published: 2nd March, 2022 in: Health Advice

Allergies affect a huge proportion of people’s daily lives in some way or another in the UK. They can be the more serious type, that present themselves with symptoms like rashes, swellings or more serious anaphylactic shocks. Or, they can cause less serious but just as irritating symptoms, such as pollen, dust or animal allergies that affect people’s day-to-day lives in the form of sore, itchy, blocked or runny noses. 

Luckily, there is a wide range of allergy medication and remedies out there for allergy sufferers to choose from, designed to combat various symptoms and reduce them so you can get on with your day. Nasal sprays are a popular form of allergy medicine due to them being targeted to a specific area of the body, ideal for those who experience the majority of their allergy symptoms through their nose. 

Weldricks Pharmacy stock an array of nasal sprays for allergies and hayfever, and have put together this handy round-up of the best nasal sprays for allergies so you can find a product that works for you. 

What is the best nose spray for allergies?

There are various types of nose sprays available to help reduce the symptoms of allergies. 


Decongestant nasal sprays work by shrinking the blood vessels that line the nasal passages. It is blood vessels that become irritated and swollen when we are suffering from allergies, so by alleviating the irritation of these and helping them to shrink back to their normal size, the nasal passages are left much clearer. Clearer nasal passages mean you can breathe more freely through your nose which can make day-to-day life much easier and improve your sleep too. 

It's important to note that decongestant nasal sprays for blocked noses are a short term solution and should only be used for a matter of a few days or they become ineffective and can have the opposite effect if taken for too long. For this reason, they’re best recommended for those suffering from short term allergy symptoms, for example, those who have come into contact with an allergen such as an animal, as opposed to those suffering from hayfever or allergies for a matter of months. 

Weldricks Pharmacy stock a variety of nasal sprays for helping to alleviate blocked and congested noses for you to browse and purchase today:


Unlike decongestant nasal sprays, antihistamine sprays can be used long term each day to relieve allergy symptoms. These products work by blocking the symptoms of the substance histamine, which is produced when people are exposed to an allergen and causes the classic symptoms like sneezing, itching, blocked or runny noses. 

Antihistamine is commonly taken in tablet form however nasal sprays can be just as effective for allergies and allow you to treat the specific area affected as opposed to your entire body. You can use antihistamine sprays every day however always read the labels to take as instructed and bear in mind that these products can cause drowsiness in some people so can be best taken in the evenings to avoid feeling sleepy throughout the day. 


Another type of nasal spray for allergies is steroid sprays. Some of these can be purchased from pharmacies, and others will need to be prescribed by your GP depending on their ingredients and the severity of your allergies. Nasal steroid sprays work by reducing the inflammation of your nasal passageways, therefore relieving symptoms like congestion, sneezing, blocked and runny noses. 

When using steroid nasal sprays, these must be taken consistently every day long term for several weeks if they are to have the desired effect. 

We stock various over-the-counter steroid nasal sprays:


If you’ve tried various nasal sprays for allergies that are available to buy from pharmacies or find that these aren’t suitable for you or contain ingredients that are advised against any other conditions you may have, you should visit your GP to see if any prescription medications can help. Your GP will be able to advise you on the best option and recommend the right dosage. 

Some examples of prescription nasal sprays are:

  • Atrovent nasal, which is prescribed for those suffering from consistent runny noses and stops the production of mucus over time
  • Certain steroid nasal sprays, including Beconase, Nasonex and Flonase
  • Cromolyn Sodium, a product that works by preventing the production of histamines which are the main culprit of many allergy symptoms

What is the best nasal spray for allergic rhinitis?

Rhinitis is a common problem many suffer with in the UK caused by common allergens such as pollen, dust, mould or animal fur, that causes inflammation of the inside of the nose. Allergic rhinitis involves the inside of your nasal passages become swollen and irritated, in addition to increased production of mucus. Generally, this presents itself with symptoms like sneezing, blocked or runny noses and itchy noses. 

Allergic rhinitis can present itself in different ways and various longevities for people, however, it is caused by coming into contact with an allergen. Once rhinitis occurs, it can last for a matter of a few months or even years depending on the severity of your allergy and the amount and length of contact presented. 

The best nasal sprays for allergic rhinitis are steroid sprays which act by reducing the inflammation of the inside of the nose. 

We stock a range of nasal sprays for rhinitis to help alleviate your symptoms:


Can you use multiple nasal sprays in combination?

It is not recommended to use multiple types of nasal sprays together or at the same time. If you find that no over-the-counter nasal sprays are relieving your symptoms, you should visit your GP. Your GP may then prescribe combination products via prescription but only in severe cases. 

Are there any side effects to using nasal sprays?

Each type of nasal spray for allergies has its own set of potential side effects. You should always read the label to be aware of these or consult your GP for advice on the best option for your allergies. 

Who should use allergy nasal sprays?

Nasal sprays can be preferred to taking tablets as they are a more targeted treatment that treats the area of your body suffering from symptoms, as opposed to tablets that treat your entire body. Despite this, nasal sprays are not advised for those with sore nasal passages or damaged nasal passages as they can make these conditions worse. If you are unsure whether you should use a certain nasal spray, always consult a pharmacist or your GP. 

Find the best nasal spray for you from Weldricks Pharmacy

If you are struggling with allergies or hayfever and are looking for a solution, Weldricks Pharmacy is proud to stock a range to suit various conditions and symptoms. We have nasal sprays for decongesting, preventing runny noses, reducing inflammation or irritation and more. 

You can browse our allergy and hayfever products via our website, visit your local branch or get in touch with the team for further advice.