Flu Season: When, What, Why?

Flu Season: When, What, Why?

Published: 28th September, 2017 in: Cough, Cold and Flu

As another flu season looms, we have put together the ultimate guide to flu season with all of the need-to-know basics covered including what you can do to prepare.

Why do we Have a Flu Season?

Flu symptoms tend to strike in the winter months, but what is the reason for this? One theory is that more people spend time in enclosed environments with the windows closed and therefore there is less ventilation creating the ideal environment for germs to thrive. Another theory is that our immune systems are weaker due to the cold. Lastly, it has been suggested the the flu virus itself tends to thrive in the colder weather.

When Does Flu Season Start and End?

Flu season takes place during the colder months each year and can start as early as October. Flu season tends to peak around January and February, but can continue until early May.

What Does the Flu Vaccine do?

So how does it work? The adult flu vaccine is designed to boost your immune system and once you have had the jab, your body is able to recognise the virus and produce antibodies to attack it. It usually takes between 10 and 14 days for your body to build up immunity to the disease. Over time, the protection provided by the flu vaccine will decline so it is essential that you have the flu vaccine annually.

Who Should Get it and When?

Are you eligible for the flu jab? If you are aged 65 or over, receive a carer’s allowance, have certain medial conditions or are pregnant, you are considered high risk and you can get the flu vaccine for free from your local GP. The flu jab is also free for children at risk from the ages of six months to two years.

Products to Combat the Flu

With flu season just around the corner, Weldricks stock a wide range of products to effectively treat flu symptoms. From tickly coughs and sore throats to runny noses and sinus pain, you can find a product to treat your particular symptoms here.

So, there you have it. Everything you ever needed to know about flu season.