Lynx & Gillette Gift Guide: Helping Christmas run smoothly

Lynx & Gillette Gift Guide: Helping Christmas run smoothly

Published: 22nd December, 2019 in: News

It’s a mystery where the tradition of gifting hygiene products to male loved ones began, but it is safe to say that these gifts are not going anywhere! Our guide to Lynx and Gillette Christmas gifts will help you pick out the best deals and ranges to gift your loved one today.

Lynx Shower Gel 

Lynx is becoming a traditional Christmas gift for men. Shower Gel and Bath Gifts are always a refreshing way to prepare for the upcoming new year. Lynx Dark Temptation Shower Gel offers a seductive fragrance and revitalising the skin with its luxuriously smooth feel. Combining the irresistible masculine scents, such as chocolate, frozen ginger, and whipped cream - it could be mistaken for a delicious treat!

Lynx shower gel is renowned for its soft formula that conditions and retains moisture in the skin leaving it looking fresh, glowing and smooth to the touch. Create a personalised gift set for men by combining the various exotic products ranges Lynx have to offer.

Lynx Africa Shower Gel is popular for its exotic masculine scent of mixed African spices and aromas. A few sprays is all you need as Lynx is formulated to leave refreshing scents that last.

Lynx Deodorant & Body Spray 

Lynx deodorant and body spray are the classic odor protection products formulated to give fresh, flavourful scents that make the perfect addition to your personalised gift set.

Men’s grooming products is a booming industry as everyone wants to protect their skin and ensure to have a good hygiene routine. Keeping hygienic is important for your well-being as feeling refreshed can help put people into a good frame of mind making them ready to tackle the day ahead of them.

Lynx Attract For Him offers a range of products dedicated to spoiling your loved ones. It is perfectly scented for people with different tastes as it blends fruity fusions of flavour together to give you refreshing and long-lasting antiperspirant protection.

Lynx Africa Deodorant Body Spray is a popular alternative to the classic lynx for him which offers a blend of exotic scents. Coupled with Lynx Africa Shower Gel, the two products make an ideal gift set for your family and friends.

Gillette Fusion Gift Ideas

Gillette Fusion is renowned for its use of innovative shaving technology. The classic Gillette Fusion Razor is the only of its kind that utilising shaving technology on the front and back of the razor cartridge. The razor has five carefully spaced blades that work together to give a smooth shaving experience and reduce any pressure, making shaving more comfortable. A trimmer blade that is located at the back of the cartridge to improve precision when shaving more delicate areas such as the sideburns or under the nose. 

Pair the Fusion razor with  Fusion or Fusion Power cartridges, and the Gillette Fusion 5 Ultra Sensitive Shaving Gel to complete your gift set. Christmas is the perfect excuse to spoil the men in your life! 

Gillette Fusion ProShield Razor

The Gillette Fusion ProShield Razor is an enhanced razor that uses technology and clever engineering to shield the skin whilst shaving. Shaving can be harsh and rough on the skin, therefore Gillette designed the ProShield Razor to use lubrication that forms a protective layer that shields the skin from irritation caused by the blades. 

The razor also features Flexball Technology that responds to contours, making it more precise in shaving every hair even in the most difficult of places! It also uses five blades that assist in this precision and provide enhanced comfort. The Precision Trimmer is also still a part of this new and enhanced razor, it is located on the back for accurate edging. Another reason why the ProShield Razor makes an ideal gift is that its blades fit all Fusion and ProGlide handles. 

Gillette Sensitive Range

Gillette SkinGuard Sensitive Razor For Men is a fitting alternative for those with sensitive skin. The razor has been designed for those with sensitive skin that easily develop razor bumps. It uses a SkinGuard that is located between the blades to shave hair while ensuring to protect the skin to limit irritation and ingrown hairs. These blades raise to minimise contact with the skin and lubrication is also used to make the process more comfortable for the skin. 

Couple the razor with Gillette SkinGuard Sensitive Shaving Gel for maximum shaving comfort. The shaving gel has been clinically proven for sensitive skin. This extra lubrication allows the SkinGuard Sensitive Razor to glide smoothly over your skin making shaving easy on the skin. Take care of your loved one with this thoughtful and practical Christmas gift. 

Gillette Shaving Foam

To complement your razor gift, add an essential shaving foam or gel into the mix! Gillette Shaving Foam is famed for its rich and creamy formula, specially formulated to leave skin feeling soft and smooth after a shave. The foam contains a triple protection formula designed to protect skin from irritation, cuts, razor bumps and tightness that can be caused by shaving. Allowing the razor to glide over skin, this shaving foam is a stable in a man’s closet across the globe. 

Gillette Shaving Foam Sensitive Skin has been specifically created for those who need that extra bit of skin care. Its thick and creamy texture is cooling for the skin offering protection when shaving. Paired with the SkinGuard Sensitive Razor, this shaving set is suited for men with sensitive skin. 

Want to surprise him with an exciting fragrance? Gillette Shaving Foam Lemon And Lime couples fresh fragrances with the practicality and protection of shaving foam. This fresh scent adds another layer of luxury to the shaving experience when coupled with Gillette Razors. 

More Christmas Gifts for Men

There are a range of gift ideas for men on offer at this time of the year.

Please note these products are available at the time of publication (December 2019).