Össur Foot-Up®: A Solution to Drop Foot

Össur Foot-Up®: A Solution to Drop Foot

Published: 2nd August, 2017 in: Conditions

What is Foot Drop (or Drop Foot)?

Foot Drop is a term that describes a difficulty in lifting the front part of the foot. It causes the foot or feet to drag along the ground when you walk due to a muscular weakness or paralysis of the foot.

It can affect both feet but it is more commonly experienced in only one. People who suffer with Foot Drop have to lift their legs higher than usual to walk efficiently which can lead to fatigue over time.

What Causes It?

Foot drop can be caused by multiple factors but the most common is damage to the peroneal nerve. This can happen due to a sporting injury, hip or knee replacement surgery, diabetes and childbirth among many other things. It can also be caused by brain or spinal injuries and strokes.

How Does Össur Foot-Up® Help?

This condition causes the foot to drag on the floor which in turn can lead to an increased risk of trips and falls. Össur Foot-Up is designed to be worn around the ankle to provide extra support via an ankle wrap.

This lightweight and comfortable support device is able to be worn with or without shoes and comes with a range of attachments including a plastic inlay that slots between the laces and the tongue of the shoe. The innovative design is an affordable and effective walking aid that is also discreet.

Össur Foot-Up can be used as a walking aid as it helps to lift the foot up and helps to make walking less cumbersome.

If you are looking for a revolutionary walking aid, this support device will improve your gait significantly. We stock Össur Foot-Up in a range of sizes to suit all.