Search Faster with Weldricks

Search Faster with Weldricks

Published: 14th January, 2019 in: News

For regular users of the Weldricks website, you may have noticed a few changes to the way our site works. Behind the scenes, we have been working to make the way you find, and search for products a lot easier and quicker. Here is a rundown of the new features on our site and how you can use them to make your shopping experience better. We hope that you like the changes we have made and find your shopping experience on Weldricks easier than ever before. 

Using the search bar is one of the easiest ways to find specific products you are looking for. With our new system, when you type in a search term a suggestion box will appear under the search bar, allowing you to go straight to the product you are looking for. Simply type into the search bar, find the item you want from the suggested list, and click.

If you are less aware of what you are looking for, there are two options, both of which are very similar. Firstly, you can use the search bar and search for a more general term. Type what you are looking for then hit enter to be given a page of items related to the word or phrase you typed. Once here, you can filter the search to find exactly what it is you want. Use the filter options on the left-hand side of the page to filter by Price, 'Type', and Category. As you have used the search bar function to look for products, the results you are getting are being pulled from all of our listed categories, so if you are looking for something in particular (for example, cough medicine for babies) you can select the correct category, therefore filtering out any of the irrelevant products. If you know which specific brand you are looking for, this is also an option enabling you to find the product you want, faster. 

If you decide to look for a product using the 'Shop by Category' function available via the button at the top of the site, you will be given very similar options when it comes to filtering the products. You are still able to filter the products by Price and Brand, but instead of being given general category filters in the 'Category' list on the left-hand side, you are now given our sub-categories to filter by and you can choose as many as you'd like at once. Another option when searching this way is to filter the results using the secondary search bar on the left-hand column. Here you can filter the results further; for example, if you were looking for a child's medicine that was specifically strawberry flavoured you could type 'Strawberry' in this search bar to get more relevant results. 

This new system is in place to help you find what you are looking for as fast as possible, as well as to make the products we have available more easily accessible. Here at Weldricks we want to make your shopping experience as easy as possible and are continually looking at ways we can improve our site and services.