Worried about Hairloss?

Worried about Hairloss?

Published: 17th August, 2018 in: Hair Loss

Spencer or “Spex” as he is commonly known, has for over a decade, helped thousands of hair loss sufferers including a number of A list celebrities with their individual concerns and anxieties whilst advising them on what they can effectively use to help beat the curse of hair loss via appropriate proven treatments and how to best restore lost hair via hair restoration correctly and safely.

Hair Loss Guru Sorts Fact From Fiction

There wide range of products out there being sold and marketed to men for their hair health and believe me I've tried them all - some work, some don't.

It’s an all-too-common story... Guy looks in mirror, goes to comb his hair and is distressed to find there’s not as much up top as there used to be. With not a moment to waste, he consults Doctor Google, and thus begins his quest for answers. “Where do I start?” “Am I going to have to wear a rug?” “How soon will I be bald?” “What can I buy today that will stop this from getting worse?” All that desperation is the tip of the iceberg.

Average Joe was cruising along, enjoying life… until that day. If only there was such a thing as a Furry Godfather; someone with a magic wand, or at least with some real and true answers. If only he could cast a spell and turn clothes dryer lint into luxurious strands of hair and implant them painlessly and perfectly into Average Joe’s scalp. Hate to break it to you, bro but there’s no magic spell out there.

The quest for hairy-headedness

The next best thing to a Furry Godfather is someone who’s been there, done that and bought the hairpiece. How do you do? I am Spencer 'Spex' Stevenson and I’ve tipped some serious cash down the toilet in the very same quest that you may be embarking on. I’ve explored ‘miracle cures’, chased expensive rainbows and endured some pretty miserable – and in hindsight, woefully inadequate – attempts to grow back, get over or conceal what’s left of my hair.

The real definition of a ‘hair loss expert’

Now when I call myself an ‘expert’, I’m coming from the angle of experience. In my early twenties, I could barely stand to look in a mirror due to my rapidly receding hairline. It was physically and emotionally devastating it chipped away at my self-confidence.

I’d always considered myself a fairly decent looking guy, but as my hair fell out and my forehead became more and more naked, I became increasingly desperate to stop it from happening. Did you know that the hidden epidemic of hair loss is known among sufferers as ‘cancer of the spirit’? You’ll consider things you wouldn’t inflict on your worst enemy, like applying cow urine to your scalp (I kid you not)!

In fact, there’s not a lot I haven’t tried or done in my journey to reclaim my right to a healthy head of hair. I’ve worn wigs, done battle with depression and anxiety, explored countless ‘natural’ and ‘alternative’ therapies and endured ten hair transplant surgeries. (Yes, ten!!) Over the last decade, I’ve seen the good, the bad and the truly ugly.

I’ve researched, asked, discussed and studied. I’ve subjected myself to painful, draining and useless so-called ‘cures’ and suffered more than my fair share of indignities. Of the ton of money, I have thrown at resolving my hair loss issue, only about ten percent of what I’ve spent has really been worth the investment.

What success looks like on a previously balding man

Happily, I’ve come out the other side with a handsome hairline and a decent volume of strands that anyone is welcome to run their fingers through.

Now, in my forties, it’s virtually impossible to tell that I’ve been a victim of male pattern baldness since my sensitive early years. In those formative years, when you are barely out of your teens and a girl your own age won’t go out with you because she thinks you’re too old for her, you panic.

Perhaps you stop joining your friends at the pub for a cheeky spur-of-the-moment beer, or you avoid putting yourself forward for a promotion at work, you start losing all faith in your value as a man, you’ll consider anything... I did.

Fast forward 20 years and I am a happy, well-adjusted, successful man. A husband and father. I have a rewarding career and an age-appropriate head of hair that makes me look pretty acceptable indeed! I also have a global following of men who look to me for answers, or at the very least direction, without judgment.

I am proud to be considered a ‘hair loss guru’ to celebrities who are facing their own hair loss nightmares. They, like the rest of us, need genuine solutions. I have offered reassurance and relatability. I’ve been called a ‘Hair Loss Hero’, a ‘Hair Loss Mentor’ and many other things. I’ll even take ‘Fairy Godfather’ if the fairy-tale concept helps someone.

My advice is genuine and fact-based and my followers from across the globe appreciate my down-to-earth and hard-won wisdom. I can tell you about appropriate treatments while also protecting you from the plethora of bogus products and therapies that serve only to drain your pocket along with the remnants of your self-esteem.

Don’t believe the stories – men will go to great lengths to get their hair back!

Women don’t own vanity; it’s a human affliction. While they get busy with their fake eyelashes, fake tans and fake nails in their quest to conform to society’s expectations, keeping up with friends or whatever goal they have in mind, most men experiencing hair loss also feel compelled to ‘re-normalise’ our appearance.

Society would have us believe that male hair loss is no big deal, but it can permeate every aspect of life from relationships and careers to questioning our own worth. Many turn to whatever numbing agent will work, be it an addiction, withdrawal from our social lives or working like some madman seven days a week.

Considering that by the age of 45, around 75 percent of men notice significant thinning of their hair, and 25 percent will suffer from male pattern baldness before age 25, it’s obvious that this epidemic has far wider ramifications across the entire wellbeing spectrum.

You’re not alone..

It truly matters to me to be a guide for the millions of men facing hair loss. In fact, the opportunity to impart genuine wisdom is golden to me. Basically, I’m just a man, just like you, who knows how you feel and has tons of insight that can help steer you in the right direction.

Let’s hear about your experiences. I can’t turn a pumpkin into a glass carriage, but I can offer a glass slipper of sorts – a solution – that will fit you. You will see me featured and quoted in various newspapers and you can find me writing regular columns for The Telegraph and The Huffington Post. I also co-host a radio show in the UK called The Bald Truth.

Its 100,000-strong audience tunes in live to share experiences and discuss the emotional aspects of hair loss. I very much look forward to helping Weldricks customers, both men and women with their hair loss issues and anxieties with upcoming blogs and helpful information. Feel free to visit my website for information on hair loss: spexhair.com