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Opticare Arthro 10 Eye Drop Dispenser



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Brand: Opticare
Code: 2644243
Weight: 100g (includes packaging)

Opticare Arthro 10 Eye Drop Dispenser


Opticare Arthro 10 Eye Drop Dispenser is of particular help to those who have severe arthritis or real difficulty lifting their hand to their eye to instil their drops. The leverage you get from the specially designed extended arms delivers your drops using even the lightest finger touch. The eye-piece swivels and locks in the position that is ideal for you.

Opticare Arthro 10 Eye Drop Dispenser fits most 10ml, 15ml and 20ml round and oval eye drop bottles.


Installing Eye Drop Bottle:

  • If the bottle is new, remove protective seal(s).
  • Open eye piece towards arms.
  • Place dispenser on flat surface and spread arms open. Push eye drop bottle into dispenser until base is fully depressed.
  • Snap eyepiece closed. (The bottle stays in dispenser until empty).

Instructions for use:

  • Open eye piece and remove bottle cap. Close eye piece. Eye piece rotates left or right for most comfortable administration.
  • While sitting back or lying down, tilt head back and place eye piece securely over eye. Eye piece has finger space for pulling down lower eye lid with free hand.
  • Gently squeeze arm of dispenser to instil eye drop(s). One drop per squeeze.
  • Open eye piece and replace bottle cap. Close eyepiece.

To avoid possibility of transferring infection:

  • Clean regularly by immersing the dispenser in boiling water
  • Do not share the dispenser with other person(s)
  • This product is designed for single person use

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