TENA Discreet Protect+ Maxi Pads Packs of 6

TENA Discreet Protect+ Maxi Pads Packs of 6

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Looking for a pad you can rely on to deal effectively with more severe leakage? TENA Discreet Protect+ Maxi is the perfect discreet everyday incontinence pad for women with heavier bladder weakness. This pad can also be used effectively as a postpartum pad or post-surgery pad. The instaDRY™ zone absorbs liquid in seconds, with a super absorbent core that locks even larger leaks deep inside the pad, giving you up to 12 hours protection. Feel relaxed and safe in the knowledge that you will be protected all day long thanks to the maximum security these pads provide. Effectiveness does not mean compromise, as they're also designed with soft, breathable materials and a body-hugging shape to provide maximum comfort and maximum protection for you as you get on with your day.

  • Up to 12 hours protection
  • Maximum comfort
  • Triple Protection

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