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Instant nasal congestion relief that's drug-free

Breathe Right instantly relieves nasal congestion that can arise from colds, allergies & a deviated septum and is proven to help reduce snoring for a better night’s sleep.

Actimove® – Braces and Supports

Actimove is a global brand, providing supports and braces to help manage pain and provide the support needed for you to continue with your daily activities.

Vitamin D Supplements

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Protect yourself this cold and flu season

Coughs and colds are an inevitability, particularly when the weather gets colder, which is why it's important to be well-prepared and stock up on cough and cold remedies well in advance.

Need Help to Stop Smoking? Switch to OK Vape

With the OK Cigalike e-cigarette, an authentic and satisfying alternative to cigarettes.

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Leedale in the 1960s

History of Weldricks

Proud to be 100% family owned, our history dates back to the 1930's when our late founder's grandmother opened her first pharmacy in Doncaster Town Centre.

We have remained committed to community healthcare and have steadily grown to 60 pharmacies, still concentrated in South Yorkshire with over 600 trained staff including over 80 pharmacists.

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