A Gluten Free Christmas

A Gluten Free Christmas

Published: 20th December, 2018 in: Health Advice News

When baking gluten free it is not as simple as just replacing regular flour with gluten-free; doing this will leave your bakes flatter and denser than usual. A mix of flour and various gum products will give you great bakes, and by following a recipe (especially if it is your first time baking GF) you can count on beautiful breads and delicious cakes. Needing to be gluten-free shouldn't stop you from eating anything you like, especially around Christmas time when tasty treats are everywhere, so try baking your way to a scrumptious gluten free Christmas. 


One traditional bake for Christmas would be a Classic Christmas Cake, rich and moist this cake can be stored for up to 6 weeks, and the longer you leave it the more the flavours grow. For the grown-ups, you can feed the cake with a tablespoon on brandy every few weeks to enhance the flavours as they mature. Try the recipe HERE. Perhaps you would rather something chocolatey for desert on Christmas, so try the Chocolate Log recipe HERE. Deliciously indulgent with dark chocolate and Chantilly cream, it is definitely worth a try. 

For these tasty recipes you will need Multipurpose Fibre Mix and Xanthan Gum. But don't stop there! Try these ingredients in other gluten-free recipes and experiment at home. 



If it is bread you are looking to go gluten-free with this Christmas why not try a German classic, Stollen Bread (HERE). A festive favourite, this sweet bread is filled with nuts, fruits, and spices, bound to leave your home smelling festive. Or perhaps it is savoury bread you're looking for and, if you are anything like me, a breakfast bacon sandwich is perfect for Christmas morning. Make yourself these soft, gluten-free bread rolls great for both breakfast on Christmas and leftover sandwiches on boxing day. Follow the recipe HERE

To make these tasy breads you should use the Select Bread Mix; easy to use and comes containing a dried yeast packet, so no searching the supermarkets for difficult ingredients this Christmas. Once you have mastered these recipes you could test your skills and experiment with making other GF breads such as pizza bases, flatbreads, or crumpets. 



Don't just stop at baking, you can make your Christmas dinner sides and sauces gluten-free too. Using the Select Multipurpose White Mix you can make a delicious gravy following the recipe HERE. Or you could use it to thicken up white sauces for sides such as cauliflower cheese, following the recipe HERE.


Perhaps baking isn't for you, well Christmas can still be gluten-free! Adorn your cheese boards with gluten free crackers and crispbreads, or use the mini crackers for cute Christmas party hors d'oeuvres. Top with smoked salmon and cream cheese for fancy finger food, or use fresh mozzarella and cherry tomatoes for an Italian vegetarian flare. 


So, whether you are cooking for yourself or catering for a relative with celiac / gluten intolerance this Christmas, there are many options out there as to what you can use instead of everyday gluten-filled products. Don't be afraid to try something new and test out these recipes at home. You don't have to miss out on delicious foods this December with these gluten-free options from Weldricks.