Methods and Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Methods and Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Published: 14th October, 2022 in: Quit Smoking

Giving up smoking is no easy feat. People will often try numerous times before they eventually manage to quit smoking for good. Campaigns like Stoptober have been instrumental in raising awareness of the benefits of quitting smoking, helping millions of people around the world.

Although the number of people who smoke in the UK has dropped significantly over the past few years, it is still the leading cause of premature death. Over 6 million adults in England still smoke, and the recent lockdown saw an increase in cigarette consumption. 

Read our blog to discover the best ways to quit smoking, so you can give up for good.

What is Stoptober?

Stoptober was launched in 2012 to help give smokers the tools and confidence to go smoke-free for 28 days. The campaign is now an annual event and begins each year on the 1st of October.

Statistics show that if you can make it through the 28 days smoke-free, you’re five times more likely to quit for good. 

Benefits of Quitting Smoking

The benefits of quitting smoking are countless. Here we explore some of the most important:


The biggest benefit of quitting smoking is undoubtedly the health advantages. Smoking is very damaging, but if you quit, your body can start to repair itself. Your risk of heart disease, stroke, vascular disease, and respiratory disease will be reduced, as well as a wide range of cancers.

Within just weeks and even days, you’ll feel positive effects such as:

  • Carbon monoxide and oxygen levels in the blood returning to normal
  • A drop in your heart rate 
  • Improvement in lung function
  • Less shortness of breath and coughing


Smoking is an expensive business, and prices are only going to go up. If you're smoking 20 cigarettes a day, you're likely to be spending around £3,500 a year indulging in the habit. It’s a good idea to use a cost calculator, so you can work out how much you could save by stopping. Think about rewards you could give yourself with the savings, like putting it towards a family holiday.

Preventing Harm to Others

Another crucial benefit of quitting smoking is that it reduces the risk of harm to others through passive smoking. When you light up a cigarette, most of the smoke doesn't actually go into your lungs, but into the surrounding air. 

Second-hand smoke is very dangerous, especially for children, so keeping your environment smoke-free will help protect those around you from inhaling any toxins.

6 Methods of Quitting Smoking

1. Identify and Avoid Triggers

Think about what your triggers are, and make a list of them. Tobacco urges are likely to be strongest in places that you associate with smoking cigarettes, like bars or social events. Your cravings could also be triggered by certain emotions such as stress. Once, you’re aware of your triggers and problem times, have a plan and various strategies in place for when they may occur.

2. Use Stop Smoking Aids and Nicotine Replacement Products

Studies show that nicotine replacements will improve your chances of success when quitting, helping you tackle your cravings and avoid smoking tobacco. There are many smoking aids and medications from brands like Nicorette that you can try to help you quit, and it’s important you find the right one for you. Options include gum, patches, nasal spray, and mouth spray.

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3. Tell People You’re Quitting

By telling people you’re quitting, you are holding yourself accountable, which might mean you’re less likely to relapse. Telling others you’re giving up can also be helpful as they can be there to support you if you do have a craving.

4. Find Your Reason Why

In order to stay motivated on your smoke-free journey, it’s a good idea to make a list of the reasons why you wanted to quit in the first place. Maybe it’s to protect your health and your loved ones, or it might be to improve the way you look and feel. Whatever it is, remind yourself of it whenever you’re tempted to light up. 

5. Keep Active

Being active can help curb your cravings, as well as offer you a great distraction. It doesn’t have to be anything too strenuous, even just a dog walk or a spot of gardening can help you ignore the temptation to smoke.

6. Don’t Give Up Giving Up

Many people try several times before they manage to ditch the cigs for good. If you relapse, don't get discouraged. Think about why you might’ve relapsed, and try to think about how you’d tackle those situations moving forward. 

7. Download an App

To successfully quit smoking, it helps to have a strong support system. This could be friends, family or colleagues, but you can also find support online. Connecting with people who are also going through the quitting process can help you to stay strong when you want to light another cigarette. 

Alternatively, you can download an app that will give you advice and motivation when you need it. These stop-smoking apps are packed with useful features that show you how much money you have saved by not smoking and how many hours you have been smoke-free.

Seeking Help to Stop Smoking

We’ve discussed the various method and benefits of quitting smoking, so now it’s time to put them into action. Try to stop smoking for 28 days this Stoptober, and reap the rewards for years to come. For more information and resources on quitting, take a look at our other articles on quitting smoking including our article on key smoking statistics.

If you need further help to stop smoking, our stop smoking services are also available in a wide range of local Weldricks pharmacies across the UK. You will have the opportunity to speak with a trained advisor who will give you all the support you’ll need to help you on your journey to becoming smoke-free.