Safely Buying the Emergency Contraceptive Pill

Safely Buying the Emergency Contraceptive Pill

Published: 3rd June, 2016 in: Health Advice News Sexual Health

It has emerged in the news that the morning after pill (Emergency Contraceptive pill) is illegally being sold on eBay for as little as around £5.

In the UK, the morning after pill is only legally available from GPs, pharmacies and sexual health clinics after the woman has answered detailed questions, or by internet pharmacies following an online consultation with a pharmacist or online registered doctor. But sellers outside of the UK are still selling it to the public without asking any questions about their age, any underlying health issues they may have, any medications they are currently taking or how long it has been since they had unprotected sex – which is required by law to make sure that the morning after pill is suitable for the intended recipient.

These products could be faulty, in that they contain an altered or lower quantity of ingredient or even be completely fake, with no active ingredient, which could result in serious side-effects.

Weldricks only sell genuine, UK licensed medications and ask the questions stipulated by the product license to make sure it is safe and suitable for our customers to take.