World Continence Week 2014

World Continence Week 2014

Published: 4th June, 2014 in: Health Advice

World Continence Week (WCW) is raising awareness of bladder and bowel control problems people face. This year’s theme is Pregnancy and pelvic floor health, which supports the special project: Pelvic floor awareness in pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.

The theme should increase awareness of associated risk of incontinence, preventative and treatment strategies for women who are planning to have a baby, and those who already have children. The slogan “Managing the mother load” references the load pregnancy places on the pelvic floor, as well as the other burdens mother must balance, which often results in them not prioritising their pelvic floor health.


  • Bladder and bowel control problems affect one in four people.
  • Bladder and bowel control problems will not get better on their own.
  • Bladder and bowel control problems are not a natural part of childbirth or ageing.
  • Bladder and bowel control problems can be treated, better managed or cured.
  • Improve bladder and bowel heath by adopting healthy habits: eat well, drink well, exercise regularly, keep your pelvic floor toned and practice good toilet habits.

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