Can Omega 3 help you to stop or cut down smoking?

Can Omega 3 help you to stop or cut down smoking?

Published: 18th November, 2014 in: Health Advice News Quit Smoking

The Daily Mail has reproduced an article about how Omega 3 can help you stop smoking as it helps the body cope with cravings.

A study was conducted in Europe, where some smokers were given Omega 3 and some were given dummy (placebo) pills to see how it affected their smoking habits. It was found that the smokers taking Omega 3 supplements reduced their cigarette consumption by 11% which is the equivalent of about 2 fewer cigarettes per day. This is because smoking is known to reduce the levels of Omega 3 in the brain, which may result in difficulty for the body to deal with cravings.

It should be noted that the dose of Omega 3 taken in the study was higher than that recommended in the UK.

As with all vitamins and minerals, the body will absorb what it needs and a balanced diet should provide an individual with sufficient amounts. If you do not eat food rich in Omega 3 and are thinking of reducing or quitting your smoking then a supplement could be useful.

Where can high levels of Omega 3 be found?

Fish, particularly oily fish
Grass-fed meats
Nuts and seeds
Sunflower and olive oils

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