Keep Fit - In Association with Orlos

Keep Fit - In Association with Orlos

Published: 3rd January, 2019 in: Health Health Advice Weight Loss

For many, the idea of exercise brings apprehension; summoning images of long runs on cold rainy mornings, or bustling gyms with baffling equipment. Yet this shouldn't be the case, as exercise comes in many forms. If you are looking to lose weight, and especially if you are losing weight with the help of Orlos you need a fitness plan to help you reach your goal (and to help Orlos do its job). While treadmills and weights are great forms of exercise, there are so many different ways that you can move your body and work towards your goal weight which may be a little more appealing. By making fitness fun, or finding a form of exercise you enjoy, you will break down any barriers you may have put up with regards to exercise and find yourself more willing to keep at it.  Here are some ideas for:

Martial Arts or Boxing

Sport isn't always running, or hitting/throwing/ kicking a ball, why not give something like martial arts a go? Join a local group and learn a new discipline while on your weight loss journey, not only will this be a great form of vigorous exercise but by joining a martial arts group you will learn skills for life and meet new people. Similarly, you could try boxing, which has tremendous benefits for all aspects of your journey to better health. Not only can it help you burn fat rapidly, but it can also build muscle strength and boost mental clarity. You could look to join a local class, or if you would rather exercise in the comfort of your own home, then you could get your own boxing bag to train on. Boxing is good for short bursts of intense exercise and can be made as easy or as difficult as you make it. 

Doubles Badminton or Tennis

Exercising with others is often a better way to commit to doing something on a long-term basis, and doubles tennis or badminton is a great way to do this. Whether you want to use the time to catch up with a friend or join a local club to meet new people, exercising with others will help to keep you on track. The great thing about these sports is that, by adding a partner, you make the sport less intense. As this is the case you can tailor the sport to wherever you are in your weight-loss journey, and if you decide you want to push yourself a little more you can move from playing with your friend to competing against your friends. The competition aspect of these sports may make you less likely to give them up and you might just find a hobby that you want to keep up once your weight-loss journey is over. 


Swimming is a really flexible sport as there are so many ways that you can do it; front crawl, backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke and more. A session of swimming can burn the same if not more than a run, and puts less pressure on your joints. Its an approachable sport for all ages and can be a really intense workout or just a way to relax, depending on what you do. Swimming might just be the sport you were looking for, to reduce your stress and weigh less.


With lots of trampoline parks popping up all around the country, this sport is no longer something inaccessible to you. It is a really fun and sociable way to exercise and great for all the family. Get everyone involved with your weight-loss journey and take your children, friends, or loved ones to the nearest trampoline park to laugh while you lose. A lot of parks have obstacle courses and foam pits within them and depending on how hard you push yourself an hour session can burn hundreds of calories. It’s the perfect solution to burning fat whilst having a good time, and you might just forget you are even working out.


If none of these activities take your fancy then don't fret, there are plenty of options out there. Whether you want to dance, walk, run, or even rollerskate your way fit, it all counts towards your weight-loss journey. With hard work and help from Orlos you will reach your goal in no time. Orlos is clinically proven to help you lose weight when paired with a low-fat diet and a good exercise plan, so keep your lifestyle healthy and Orlos will help out too. For more on the exercise you should be doing why not check out what the NHS has to say in THIS article?

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