No Smoking Day 2014

No Smoking Day 2014

Published: 28th February, 2014 in: Health Advice Quit Smoking

It’s No Smoking Day on Wednesday 12th March 2014, so why not accept the challenge and start your journey to a healthier lifestyle? If you’re not sure about which NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) product would be best for your needs, simply have a look at the list below for more information on what Weldricks have to help.

Using NRT products replaces the Nicotine that you, as a smoker, would normally inhale through cigarettes. NRT products are licensed medicines, so you can garuntee exactly what is entering your body and the Nicotine comes from a less harmful source. Using NRT products does not mean that you don’t need willpower to quit, but it does double your chances of stopping for good.

There are several different types of NRT products, depending on what type of cravings you have. For example, if you miss the physical action of smoking, an inhalator would possibly suit you best, as it mimics the use of normal cigarettes.

Some NRT products can be used alongside each other, but you should speak to your Pharmacist first to be sure you’re using the best products in the right combination for your needs.


Patches: Release Nicotine into the bloodstream and are best suited to regular smokers with low dependence on the physical aspects of smoking. 24 hour patches may be more effective for those who smoke a cigarette soon after waking. 16 hour patches may be preferable for those who suffer sleep disturbances when using NRT.

Gum: Chewed when there is an urge to smoke until the flavour is strong, then parked between the gum and cheek to allow the absorption of Nicotine. This may be the most appropriate option for those with irregular smoking habits or who want to boost their Nicotine intake when they need it most.

Lozenges and Microtabs: Best suited to those with irregular smoking patterns and have the advantage of being discreet as they are not sucked or swallowed but left to dissolve slowly in the mouth, occasionally moved from one side to the other. Lozenges are left on the tongue to dissolve slowly; this can take up to 30 minutes. Microtabs are left underneath the tongue to dissolve, which again can take up to 30 minutes.

Inhalator: May be useful for people who miss the hand to mouth action of smoking. The Nicotine is inhaled through the mouth in a similar manner to smoking a cigarette. Although it mimics the use of a normal cigarette, it doesn’t provide as much Nicotine in each breath as you would get from one, allowing you to control your Nicotine intake carefully. See full range ofinhalators.

Nasal spray: Useful for heavy smokers and those who want rapid relief from cravings. The spray mimics the rapid increase in nicotine levels that you get from smoking cigarettes. See full range of sprays.

Mouth spray: Also provides rapid relief from cravings and is the fastest form of NRT in terms of how quickly the Nicotine reaches the brain.

Electronic cigarettes: E-cigarettes are not a licensed Nicotine Replacement Therapy product. They are electrical devices that mimic real cigarettes, producing a vapour that’s potentially less harmful than tobacco smoke. Many e-cigarettes contain nicotine and, when they do, it’s the vapour that delivers the Nicotine hit.

E-cigarettes aren’t available on the NHS. In June 2013, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) announced plans to license electronic cigarettes as medicines by 2016. This decision has been prompted by growing concerns about the safety and quality of these unlicensed products and the varying Nicotine content compared to the label on the packaging for more information about electronic cigarettes visit our blog. See full range of electronic cigarettes.

Stopping smoking can seem very daunting, so perhaps your first step towards stopping smoking is cutting down. Don’t forget that NRT products can be used to help you cut down the amount of cigarettes you smoke, with the intention of stopping for good. You should speak to your Pharmacist before taking NRT to ensure you’re using the correct products for your needs.

To see our full range of NRT product, click here.

Facts about smoking and stopping smoking

  • Using NRT products can increase your chances of quitting by up to double.
  • Health benefits are already starting to mount up only 24 hours after you quit.
  • A smoker’s skin may look 10-20 years older than a non-smoker’s.
  • 22% of women and 27% of men are now ex-smokers1 .
  • Tobacco use kills approximately 5.4 million people per year2.
  • If you stop smoking before the age of 35, your life expectancy is only slightly less than people who have never smoked3.
  • If you stop smoking before the age of 50, you decrease the risk of dying from smoking related diseases by 50%4.