Sinutab - Congestion Relief

Sinutab - Congestion Relief

Published: 20th April, 2017 in: Cough, Cold and Flu Hayfever

With hayfever season on the way, you may be experiencing a number of symptoms as a result of seasonal allergies. You may be suffering with a blocked nose, sinus pressure and general congestion, all of which can cause discomfort over time.

Blocked nasal passages are often associated with excess mucus build-up, but they can also be caused by inflamed blood vessels which cause swelling in the nose. This can result in that blocked nose feeling and it can become difficult to breathe through the nostrils.

So what can you do to reduce these symptoms? There are a number of affordable products available on the market that can provide quick relief from congestion, and one of the most effective treatments is Sinutab.

What is Sinutab?

Sinutab targets a variety of congestion symptoms to provide fast and effective relief. Available in tablet form, this non-drowsy formula targets nasal and sinus congestion, sinus-related headaches and blocked nasal passages. It also helps to reduce hayfever symptoms, as well as cold and flu symptoms.

How Does it Work?

Sinutab is an over the counter medicine that contains two active ingredients - paracetamol, which reduces the pain of sinus congestion, and a decongestant known as pseudoephedrine to gradually prevent further allergy and sinus symptoms. The combination of these ingredients can provide much-needed relief if you're suffering with hayfever.

Is it Right for Me?

If you are suffering from seasonal allergies and have blocked nasal passages or sinus pain, Sinutab is a convenient oral treatment for adults and children aged 16 or over. While some allergy treatments can make you feel drowsy, Sinutab is a non-drowsy formula which allows you to get on with your day.

Sinus pain and congestion doesn't have to get in the way of your summer fun. Stock up on Sinutab and get fast relief from congestion.