Pharmacy Contraceptive service

About this service

About this service:

The new NHS contraception service enables you to start on or renew your supply of oral contraceptive (pill) without needing to see your GP.

What is the service?

Our trained Pharmacist colleagues can support and advise you about oral contraceptive and where appropriate provide you with a supply of oral contraception.

Who is it for?

This service is available for patients who are already taking oral contraception as well as patients are wanting to explore contraception options and be supplied with oral contraception for the first time. *combined oral contraceptive (COC) – from menarche up to and including 49 years of age; or progestogen only pill (POP) – from menarche up to and including 54 years of age.

What does the consultation involve?

You will speak with a pharmacist so they can review your current medical history to decide what form of oral contraception would be the best option for you. During the consultation the pharmacist will be required to check your BMI. This check includes taking your weight and height measurements.

The pharmacist will also discuss other longer acting forms of contraception with you to make sure you are choosing the best option for you.


Can I access the service if I normally go to see the nurse at my GP practice?
Yes, you can, through this service you are able to visit the pharmacy without the need for an appointment to access your medication.
Do I need to book an appointment?
You can book an appointment with your local pharmacy using the Be Well app appointment booking or alternatively you can book through our website if this is your preferred option. You can also visit the pharmacy without an appointment and the pharmacist will discuss your medication supply with you.
I want to start taking the pill, do I need to see my GP first before I come to the pharmacy to check it’s ok?
No, our trained pharmacist colleagues can support you with initiating a contraceptive supply. They will discuss the options with you and check your medical history to ensure the contraceptive pill is a viable option for you.
Can I send someone in to pick up my contraceptive supply?
You would need to visit the pharmacy yourself so that the pharmacist can review your supply and assess any changes to your healthcare.

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